Proteus 8 Arduino library --

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Proteus 8 Arduino library --

Post  Admin on Tue May 12, 2015 5:59 pm

Proteus is the most powerful tool in simulating programmable circuits at all.

You can use it to enjoy simulating some of Arduino’s most famous boards perfectly. Follow the bit by bit tutorial below:

1- Download PROTEUS-ARDUINO Library by clicking here. (direct download). I use it with ISIS version 7 and 7.6

2- Extract the zipped file downloaded and copy both two files you get (ARDUINO.IDX and ARDUINO.LIB) to PROTEUS setup directory: Labcenter\LIBRARY

3- Now, Start PROTEUS-ISIS and search for ARDUINO in it’s library. You will find Three ready to be used Arduino boards in “Emulator”.

4- To upload your sketch to the simulated board :

a) Run ARDUINO software. from FILE menu, select PREFERENCES, and adjust ARDUINO software setting like in the image. That enables you to get .HEX file after compiling your sketch.

b) Compile your sketch and copy the address of the generated .HEX file by pressing (CTRL + C)

c) Double click the simulated board in PROTEUS and paste what you copied…..Enjoy!!!


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